Do’s & Don'ts

Lootup provides an all-in-one rewards platform where users can earn rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, completing offers, and a variety of other tasks that are part of your every day online experience! To do so effectively and ensure the best service for our users, as well as the best service for our partners, there are several things we suggest that you should do and that you should not do.

When completing surveys or offers, always use valid and correct information. For surveys, answer all questions honestly and accurately to provide the highest quality responses. For offers, always input your correct email address and any other information requested.

To be credited for completing offers, please ensure that you follow all the instructions and descriptions. If an offer has not been fully completed, you will not receive credit.

Participate in our free weekly and monthly contests! This is a great way to earn free points.

Login to Lootup daily and claim your Daily Loot Chest for FREE prizes!

Complete your survey profile as soon as possible and come back to Lootup daily for new high paying surveys that you qualify for.

Enable push notifications to be able to receive free point promotions from Lootup.

Enjoy your time on Lootup!

Do not create multiple accounts. Creating multiple accounts for the purpose of gaming promo codes or rewards can get your account(s) suspended.

Do not create accounts using disposable email addresses. Accounts must be tied to a legitimate email address. Disposable email address will be blocked, and rewards will be unretrievable.

Do not use proxy services or VPN services to access Lootup.

Do not attempt to game our rewards mechanisms. Lootup provides its users with many ways to earn points in a legitimate fashion, and provides users with many ways to earn free points. If we discover an attempt to game our systems, your account will be banned.

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